All images here are “neopets fan art” dawn by me ‘Côr’ owner of XJ Wonderland. Below you will find samples of ‘The Neopian Tarot’ which I am currently in the process of drawing. The entire deck is already planned with canon neopets lore to go with it. Below it you will find three volumes of my ‘Neopian Herbal’. Above you will see neopets inspired fashion designed. All image galleries can be navigated by swiping left or right, also by using the arrows.

The Neopian Herbal
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Neopian Herbal Volume 1
16 species

Neopian Herbal Volume 2
16 species

Neopian Herbal Volume 3
5 species

Thank You for checking out my ‘XJ Wonderland x Neopets’ art collection. Neopets has also been an inspiration to me as an artist since childhood. If you are TNT please consider me for merch collaboration. If your not TNT, please do not steal any art from me. I lurk on the site and always check out the spotlights/galleries/contest. Thank You for viewing!