Coat of Arms Enamel Pin


The Union of Côr & Jon.


Released for the Marriage of Côr & Jon, this Coat of Arms represents them together. With the ‘Crow’ represents Côr who remembers kindness and returns the favor. The ‘Honey Bee’ representing Jon who is a hard worker in what he does to benefit him self and others. The Slogan reads “Get lost, find yourself, be magical” representing the personal moto of Côr. This written on a paper wrapping around a paint brush and shield to symbolize not only the creative aspect of life but how we learn, grow, and give. The flower is ‘Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim’ a hybrid orchid, symbolic of the love for Singapore a melting pot of South East Asia. The Crow brought the Honey Bee the flower out of love to help it collect. On the upper right of the shield is the sun representing the Philippines, and the upper left representing New Orleans. The bottom left & right representing Spirituality in a belief in Heaven. Also representing to different ideas of religion coming together. The Unicorn represents the freedom to chose, magic and hope. The horn is rainbow representing the same sex marriage of Côr and Jon. Light blue representing Xj Wonderland, and White representing the union of Côr & Jon.

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